Installing Ricoh Photocopy Printer Driver Setting for Mac Book OS-X

Installing Ricoh Printer Driver for Mac OS-X

Items you need to know
? IP address of Printer (#1 on the following page)
? Options that are installed And Paper Sizes (#2 on the following page)
? You will also want to verify your machine has
Adobe PostScript installed (#3 on the following page)

? To get all this information you can print a configuration page from the Copier.
? Hit User Tools, Machine Features (if present)
? Then Printer Features
? Then Configuration Page

Software you need
Drivers for the machine can be downloaded from
Ricoh’s Website:
? Choose Download Ricoh Drivers & Software and click accept for the popup.
? You’ll see a series of dropdown menus, choose the one that corresponds to your Ricoh device and find your device model in the list.
? Once you have your device chosen click on the Go button

Choosing Your Printer
? This will load a screen with a series of operating systems to choose from. You’ll want to choose Mac OS X 10.6 if available and then click the download arrow to the right of where it says PPDInstaller.
? If Mac OS X 10.6 it’s not an option press back in your browser and in the upper right you should see a box that says “Ricoh Printer Drivers for Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard), click on this and then click Download.


Install the Driver
?After downloading the driver you should have a new icon on your desktop labeled something like “MacOSX PPD Installer.”
?Inside this drive you should see a PPD Installer file, run this clicking Continue, Agree, or entering in the appropriate information as needed.


Next Install the Printer Driver
? Open System Preferences (either in the dock or under the apple icon in the upper left corner)
? Then select Print & Fax

Click on the+ icon under your list of printers

You should now have a screen that looks like this, if you see your Ricoh device in the list click on it and click Add. If not move to the next slide.

Click on the IP icon at the top of the window and make sure Line Printer Daemon is chosen in the dropdown.

Enter in the IP address you got from page 3 into the Address field making sure to remove any zeroes before numbers (I.E. should be entered in as

You will also want to fill in the name you want the printer to be identified as.

Once successfully installed you should get a window that pops up asking for Installable Options, choose the appropriate options for your machine and click Continue

Your Ricoh should now be in your list of printers all ready to use.

Done !