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CopierWorld.My has the widest selection in the industry of thousands of the best brand name refurbished and used copiers and the best quality parts and supplies in the market. Our company’s products are hand selected from thousands of off-lease copiers and are in like-new condition. All used copiers are carefully tested, cleaned, and refurbished if need be, to ensure top performance. We offer the richest assortment of brands, models, and copy speeds, from 15 to 100+ copies a minute. Consumers can also buy copier supplies and parts at the most competitive wholesale prices, helping them save even more money!

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If your copier has broken down and you need a copier repair expert, then you have come to the right place! At Copier World Malaysia we have a team of technicians ready to repair your copier at lightning fast speeds. Our repair technicians are available to visit your office at short notice to repair your copier and help get your business back on track, allowing you to send out that all important proposal or this month’s invoices. We can provide same day service so that your business isn’t at a complete standstill for days because of a broken copier, call us now 03-3358 2437 and we will come and fix your copier today.

We strive to offer you the widest choice of machines from the thousands of products available. Whatever your requirements or budget we usually have something to suit. Many of our machines have options such as Booklet Finishers, Print or Scan as standard to give you the very best features at a competitive cost.

Each used machine we purchase has been carefully selected to ensure we only take in the highest quality machines with the lowest volumes. This doesn’t mean you pay more it just means we look harder for the right machines.

Each used machine we purchase goes through a rigorous refurbishment programme to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition. They will never be classed as new but they are as close as we can get to new. All of our machines are offered with a support package to keep your machine in first class condition.

Our purchasing team are so selective on the models we take we guarantee they reach you at a competitive price. We offer you options to purchase; lease or rent machines on flexible short term contracts.

All of our refurbished machines come with a guaranteed minimum life expectancy of five years when taken with our support agreement. Every model is covered by our 5 year parts and exchange warranty.

Leasing your office printer or copier gives you the use of your office machines for a fixed term based on set monthly payments. Your lease can also be structured to include consumables such as toners together with service, maintenance and technical support.

Buying office equipment involves a very high outlay so if you are a small or start-up business it may make more financial sense to lease your office printers and copiers, as you would avoid the high costs of buying outright. Leasing equipment involves fixed monthly payments for a set number of years. This not only makes budget planning easier but also frees up capital to invest in other areas of the business.

Office technology is continuously improving and developing and again, leasing can be a good option when it comes up upgrading your office devices. A lease can be structured to enable you to upgrade to more up to date machinery when the need arises. Quite often, when buying machines, by the time it is paid for, your office copier or printer is already out of date. In addition, older machines can also be considerably less efficient with higher costs per page.

Regardless of whether you decide to lease or buy, the most important step is to identify the correct device to suit your exact printing needs and budget. Copier Malaysia provides all clients with a PRINT AUDIT enabling us to monitor your office printing and copying and advise you on the most suitable machine for your business.

Copier Malaysia is here to help with printer and copy machine repair. As the leader in printer and copier repair in Malaysia, Copier Malaysia is here to help ensure that your machines are up and running as quickly as possible.

Our mobile team of printer experts can help service, repair and/or pinpoint any problems that are present both with your product interconnectivity and network. Our team can be on site at your facility to help fix any problems that you might need help with. Our staff is equip with the ability fix most issues right there on-site at your facility, however in certain cases we may need to take the machine and repair it at our headquarters. We also do regular service stops to ensure your existing machines are operational and working well.

Finding good copy repair in Malaysia was not all together easy to find until recently, but today Copier Malaysia is the leader and is here to help. If you have a copy machine in Malaysia that needs some attention, we can help you. We service a wide variety of printer brands including; Ricoh, Canon and more as well as service our entire line of leased machines. If your machine is in need, please feel free to give us a shout.

When you purchase or lease a machine from us we guarantee to install your new machine on the day and time that has been agreed and we will manage the install to minimise any disruption to you. Our costs include full installation so the prices you see are the prices you pay.

We will fully configure your machine onto your network and setup printing and scanning for your users. We will install and setup any software solutions that have been taken with your machine as part of the delivery.

We will provide full on site training for key operators and general users free of charge.

We will familiarise your staff with call logging and escalation procedures.