Tuition Center Mr. Wong
Requirement: 10,000 Copies A4 & A3 double-sided test paper. Due to the Heavy duty of printing demand. Previously purchased printer In less than a few months, various problems have appeared. Buying toner is very expensive.

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high-speed copiers are more classic design stability and price are good. It is recommended to recommend 45ppm one minute to print 45 black and white copiers stable and practical. Low maintenance costs


补习中心 王先生
需求:月印一万左右黑白 A4 & A3双面考试纸.由于打印需求量非常大. 之前购买的打印Printer.不到几个月,各种问题就出现了. 购买碳粉的非常贵. 推荐
Canon 高速复印机是比较经典的设计稳定性和性价都不错. 建议推荐Canon 45ppm 一分钟打印45张黑白复印机稳定实用.后期维修成本低


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